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The Point Is to Gift Books!

giftbksGACCCB was one of Cape Cod Times book editor Melanie Lauwers’ picks for a great  book gift on “The Point with Mindy Todd” on Cape Cod NPR station WCAI, during a show devoted to holiday-themed, cooking and craft books, which you can listen to here.  Lauwers called GACCB “adorable,” though the information that I had also written a whole book about Spam elicited an “oh, dear,” from host Todd. (Lauwers’ review of the book for her newspaper read, in part, “The history, the popular culture and the cultural variations of chocolate chip cookies … mixed ..  into one colorful and informative book.”)

Another Point, the great, new, independent Main Point Books in Bryn Mawr, hosted a local cookbook author signing event Dec. 15, including me and, coincidentally, Cookulus chocolate chip cookie app inventor Andrew Schloss (featured on p. 166 of my book), serving up drinks from his new  Homemade Liqueurs and Infused Spirits book.  The nearby Hope’s Cookies generously supplied refreshments for book-buyers like me,  who prefer a sugar high.